What is a SplatterRoom?

A SplatterRoom or "paint splatter room" is an immersive art experience where participants use UV-reactive paint in a room with UV lighting It's a luminous paint extravaganza! Embark on an all-out paint war in our SplatterRoom – an exhilarating, close-quarters battle! Discover the magic of UV-reactive paint and blacklight as you immerse yourself in a UV SplatterRoom. This unique art experience transforms every splash into a luminous masterpiece. Step into the excitement, where creativity meets chaos, and unleash your glow. It's not just a room; it's a thrilling journey into the heart of vibrant, UV artistry

Is UV paint safe for the skin?

Totally! Our UV paint is as skin-friendly as it gets—non-toxic, washable, and ready for your creative masterpiece without any worries.

How does UV paint react under blacklight?

Prepare to be amazed! UV paint goes from 'wow' to 'whoa' under blacklight, turning your splatter session into a mesmerizing glow-fest.

Can I bring my own music?

Absolutely! At SplatterRoom Oshawa, you're the DJ of your session. Pick up to 6 of your favorite tracks (20 minutes in total) to turn your splatter experience into a personalized concert.

Is the experience suitable for kids?

All ages are invited to our UV paint party, from expecting parents to grandparents—everyone's welcome to dive into the colorful fun! The only exception: our little artists aged 6 and under need a sidekick—parent or guardian—in the room. The best part? Supervising is on the house for the parent or guardian. If they're feeling the creative vibes and want their canvas and paint package, they can snag it like VIPs when making their booking. Let the multi-generational splatter celebration begin! 🌈🎨✨

How long does a session last?

At SplatterRoom Oshawa, our sessions are not just a time frame; they're a heart-pounding, action-packed, non-stop paint war! Brace yourself for 20 minutes of immersive, in-your-face, all-out splatter action. There's no escape—by the end, you'll be gloriously covered. Trust us, after hosting hundreds of guests, we know 20 minutes is more than enough to unleash your inner artist and leave you craving more of the ultimate splatter experience! 🎨💥🔥

Do I need to make a reservation?

Secure your front-row seat in the splatter spotlight! While we're not open to walk-ins, snagging a reservation is your exclusive ticket to guaranteed paint pandemonium. Don't miss out on the colorful chaos—book online now and lock in your spot for an unforgettable splatter experience! 🌟🎨✨

What should I wear for the splatter session?

Get ready to steal the show, but here's the scoop: we've got ponchos to keep you somewhat safe, and we even 'yeeted' (as the kids say) shoe covers out of the equation. Truth bomb – they don't work. We're not into charging for things that won't save your style. So, here's the real deal: wear clothes you're ready to get down and dirty in. Light colors might catch some splatter souvenirs, and shoe covers? Well, they're just for show. Our pros suggest going barefoot or sock-footed on our comfy, non-slip mats. Pros also admit, short of a wet suit, you're diving into a splash zone. It's all part of the wild ride, so keep it in mind when you book! 🌈🎨💦

Are water guns provided?

Welcome to the arsenal at SplatterRoom Oshawa! Our packages come loaded with an array of weapons, from massive blasters to pint-sized shooters. Prepare for a paint onslaught – we're not holding back. Our highly pigmented, thick paint ensures you'll be covered head to toe, along with your friends, foes, walls, and canvases. Whether it's paint balloons or electric pistols, get ready for an epic paint battle. Disappointment? Not on our canvas! Embrace the colorful chaos and gear up for an unforgettable splatter experience! 💣🎨🔥


Gear up for the ultimate splatter showdown, but here's the scoop: no foreign weapons allowed across the SplatterRoom border. We don't negotiate with smugglers, and we're serious about keeping our arsenal in-house! So, leave those shiny weapons at home; we've got the paint-powered artillery ready and waiting for you. It's time to let loose and embrace the colorful chaos – your splatter adventure starts here! 💦🎨🚫🔫

What is the cleanup process?

Time to clean up like a splatter pro in our exclusive cleanup zone! We've got you covered with clean rags and paper towels galore – seriously, as many as you need. Prepare to be amazed at how easily our UV paint washes off. Need an extra splash of freshness? Head to our washroom facility for the ultimate cleanup encore. Your masterpiece is complete, and now it's time to emerge spotless and ready to conquer the world! 🚿🌈🎨

Can I purchase additional paint?

Craving more color explosions? While you can certainly upgrade to a Bin-o-Ballons (15 balloons for just 20 bucks) or go big with a larger paint blaster, here's the deal: we load you up with enough ammunition to paint the entire town! Seriously, trust us on this one. Doubtful? Check out our gallery – it's a vibrant testament to the paint mayhem we unleash. Don't say we didn't warn you; your masterpiece journey is about to get wild! 🌈🎨💣

Splatter Room for events or parties?

Level up your celebrations at SplatterRoom Oshawa! Whether it's a birthday, gender reveal, girls' night, guys' night, corporate event, team-building, or anything else that deserves a splash of color, we've got the paint, music, and vibrant vibes to turn it into an unforgettable bash. Let's make your event the talk of the town – with a colorful twist! 🎉🎨🌟

Are gift cards available for purchase?

Ready to unleash the gift of a UV paint masterpiece? Dive into our e-gift card options – because celebrations should be as colorful as our splatter experiences! Simply give us a call with your code when booking, and voila! Click here to discover more about the paint-packed world of e-gift cards. It's the ultimate way to share the joy of splatter fun! 🎨🎁✨ (Please note: E-gift cards are currently available for purchase over the phone only.)

What happens if I arrive late for my session?

Fashionably late or just fashionably early? Your splatter adventure awaits, and arriving on time ensures you get the full UV magic experience! Remember, if you're fashionably late by 10 minutes, we'll have to reschedule you for the next available slot (which could be weeks away). So, stay on the colorful side of time, show up 15 minutes early as directed in the email, and let the splatter spectacle begin! 🎨⏰✨ (Note: We don't provide refunds, as once you order, the paint party is prepped and ready for your splash-tastic moment!)











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